Gina & Nick



Imagine pledging your love and celebrating your wedding in style in the tranquillity of horses galloping in the fields and the natural scenic beauty of Chez Charlene 5 star Wedding Venue – situated within Pretoria – Gauteng.

Gina & Nick, the Day, what a beautiful day! Laughter and celebration were heard everywhere around in the background. The ceremony was so very romantic, Gina taking Nick’s breath away as she walked down the aisle in a beautiful white all lace dress. She was the epitome of elegance, love, beauty and grace!

With whites and greens draped from the rooftops above the Bridal table whilst a table runner cascaded down the one side in a romantic manner depicting exactly the opulence of a Magical garden brought to life for these two beauties!

White bunches of flowers grouped together as if they were handpicked and then placed in the most beautiful glass pots and vases decorated the guest tables creating an ambience of glamorous drama. Glass candelabras decorated with white but bold flower arrangements with an orchid dangling graciously down the stem of the glass candelabra. Candles flickering in large crystal stands and simply bouncing off the clear Phoenix chairs that were part of the décor.

Rose gold satin and white serviettes laid down to perfection, slimmed down in the middle with rose gold star, pearl and diamante serviette details. Glass underplates placed on top of rose gold under plates creating a luxurious look and feel. Gina and Nick adored the tables that Charlene Georgiades designed for them.

This lovely pair met on Instagram, who new, love was just a “heart click” away. When the universe has its plans for you and you go with the flow….magic happens.

Gina’s father passed away just a few weeks before her wedding day. Gina was so brave, holding space for her Dad in such a soft, delicate and special way. Gina could really be proud of her man; his speech was delivered with so much sensitivity. In the presence of his bride, parents, family and friends Nick expressed his love and gratitude to Gina. He promised to support, hold, nurture, and look after Gina always and forever.

Gina and Nick definitely showed us all that a couple’s love for each other is definitely the heart of any wedding. We were honestly touched by the display of affection between Gina and Nick. Two beautiful people both inside and outside.

We here at Chez Charlene 5 Star Wedding Venue thoroughly enjoyed their wedding day.
We wish them success, happiness and much love now and forevermore.

Chez Charlene Team,

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