Green is the new black

This new trend has fast become one of the best and affordable designs, giving your wedding décor a romantic, modern feel.

Fresh, and crisp with sophistication! Greenery was actually chosen as the colour of the year in 2017 and it is still as popular and trending in 2018.

 It makes sense if you ask me. It communicates new beginnings, the chance to breathe deep. It adds growth and an essence of vitality and freshness.

Using natural elements to bring softness and prettiness to your wedding day!

We embraced greenery in the décor and details of David and Olympia’s big day.


Viewing their images of the day made us appreciate the swags of greenery in a whole new light. It is just so refreshing, it screams life and what a way for two lives to become one.

It is the perfect way to bring the outdoors, indoors and it lends itself to a summer or winter wedding.

 You can see greenery also works beautifully with any style of wedding day – elegant or rustic. Because it’s a natural material, it immediately looks like it was meant to be where ever it is placed.

From the bouquet, to chair detail and even adding foliage to the cake it all ties in effortlessly for a beautiful, well rounded finish.


Not only does greenery transform the plain to the lavish and lush but it will never go out of fashion and can be used all year round.

Congratulations to David and Olympia again who nailed their natural, earthy, elegant vision.



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