Ivy & Joe

Joe’s 60th birthday and family celebrations. Celebration of life, love, Family and gratitude on all levels at Chez Charlene 5-star venue – Gauteng – Pretoria


Celebration of life. Our chance to gather friends and family to have fun. The idea is to celebrate your loved ones whilst we are all together, having the time to say thanks and I love you. How often do we say thanks for what we have and the years we have been given? How often do we celebrate those around us?

Ivy and her family decided to celebrate her husband, Joe’s, 60th birthday and the wonderful achievements of their children with all their family and friends.

Joyous celebration filled with lots of fun, laughter and love was imminent.

Charlene designed décor bringing in the colour of love – RED – with touches of silver and black.

With the strong masculine energy, Ivy added beautiful paintings of family commissioned by a well-known artist and a sculpture of Joe.

The portraits paintings of his parents, who both played a big role in, not only his upbringing but also in his life as an adult and their lives as a married couple brought tears to Joe’s eyes and many family members. Such a special and thoughtful gift from a woman that clearly loved and honoured her husband. The unveiling of his statue look-alike left Joe speechless, again his wife and children’s love for him hanging heavy in the air like a fragrance in a perfume factory. Part of the Celebration allowed family members to add beautiful silver hearts to a family tree.

Joe, in turn, did not hold back on his love for his wife, surprising Ivy with very special personalized gift. Thanking her for the years she stood by him through thick and thin, holding space for him and the family with unconditional love.

Truly such a special event to host at our venue. We were all touched by the display of such love, honouring marriage, family, friendships and most of all how good our God is to all of us.

With much gratitude!

Chez Charlene Team,

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