“Just be love”

The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives


Our love for ourselves moves us from being victims to being winners. In these very trying times of limited movement, limited interactions, world economic problems and fear of the future we must remind ourselves that we are more than our problems. Our inner spirit is always loveable helping us to move beyond the pain of the unknown.

Love can help us to trust in life!

Whilst we keep our souls rooted in an attitude of gratitude and our branches open to
Blessings…………….. Abundance will naturally grow from the seeds of every “Thank You”. It is truly up to us to see the love and beauty of everyday things.

We are sharing only but a few beautiful pics of love shared at Chez Charlene Venue, we will continue sharing the love of our in the not too distant future, by God’s grace!

And this will also pass…….Amen

Chez Charlene Team

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