Shannon & Juan Wedding

hope, love, elegance, peace, joy and lots of faith– these words described Juan & Shannon’s Gem wedding day


Juan has a very friendly, gentle personality and Shannon loves style and beautiful things. Planning the wedding for this awesome couple was not difficult because they knew exactly what they wanted and Charlene was able to design a fairy tale wedding for this couple.

Juan and Shannon truly understand the concept of having a “God’s plan” for their marriage. Shannon constantly reiterated on her media posts that “Marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman. This is where “I “becomes “We” A relationship based on mutual respect and communication is the key to a successful marriage.

The entire chapel designed in whites, large white plinths, and white paper flowers forming an exquisitely charming arch along the white carpet. The perfect ambience to say “I DO” I am sure if Shannon asked Chez Charlene to write a letter to her Mom and Dad it would read as follows:

“I have found the man that you prayed for. He cherishes my feelings,
Understands my unfinished sentences and always encourages me to grow.
I want to thank you, Mom & Dad,
For the woman that I am today.
Love, your beloved daughter”

How beautifully did Christian Davis (Photographer) capture the most memorable moments of their wedding day? With great sensitivity and loads of skill, all their photos displayed art in motion. This is of course what one wants for their wedding day, it shouts professionalism and amazing creativity. Juan and Shannon looked picture perfect.

Their hanging cake was exquisite.  Served after the chapel service with Canapé’s and custom-designed cocktails, guests truly enjoyed the delectable variety of flavour’s that was served by the 5-star waiters at Chez Charlene Wedding Venue – Pretoria – Gauteng.

The venue looked like a garden in full bloom with crystal décor casting star-like images, the scent of flowers, sheer luxury, chic, and the triple volume designs added an element of grandeur to this amazing event.

Cricket plays an important role in Juan’s life. Shannon and Juan’s custom-designed their table numbers to resemble cricket balls. Each table was specifically named after a famous Cricket Legend.

A magical day filled with joy, love and laughter.


Chez Charlene Team,

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