Shannon’s Bridal Shower

Beautiful Bridal Shower for a Bride to be

A beautiful morning started off as a surprise to one stunning brunette Bride to be.

Dedicated bridesmaids came in the morning to set the finishing touches to this special event. Big white paper flowers filled the stage and sufficed as the most extraordinary backdrop when speeches took place and of course as a stunning photo booth.

Laughs and good times took place as the bridesmaids took the time to set up fun games keeping all the guests enticed. Guest attending could design bridal gowns out of pure imagination and 6 rolls of toilet paper. Two-ply dresses made especially for two special people.

So much love came through as heartfelt speeches were made by family members and bridesmaids about the Bride to be. Tears followed soon thereafter. One could almost grasp the memories as if little pictures flickering on a figurative projector.

Decadent canapes with detailed garnishes were served by waitrons during the course of the event. All of the guests were astonished not only by the display of the food but especially the taste of each and every bite. The bride had the most scrumptious vegetarian Crispy Roasted Cauliflower Croquettes topped with Cheese Sauce & Salsa.

Presents stood as tall as the tallest chandeliers on the tables and the most thoughtful gifts were given. This beautiful day came to an end with the bride thanking all that made this day a possibility.

What a beautiful Bridal Shower.

Chez Charlene can host functions for all, no matter if it is big or small.

Chez Charlene Team

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